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Join this webinar for an engaging digital drop-in where you will hear more about the innovative work performed by Comon (https://www.comon.gent/en) and its work designing impactful programs and services for their communities. Comon, a forward-thinking organization, has been at the forefront of transformative initiatives, using co-design and leveraging technology to enhance community engagement.

During this webinar, you will delve into Comon's methodologies and projects, highlighting their successful collaborations with diverse communities. Participants will gain valuable insights into how Comon's approach can be adapted to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by public libraries. From co-design strategies to the integration of digital tools, the Presenter will explore practical applications that empower libraries to create tailored programs that resonate with the needs and preferences of their patrons.

Key webinar highlights include:

  • Co-Design Principles: Understand how Comon employs co-design principles to involve community members in the development process, ensuring programs are inclusive and responsive.
  • Community Engagement Success Stories: Hear about Comon's success stories in collaborating with communities, offering real-world examples that showcase the positive impact of their initiatives.
  • Adaptability for Libraries: Discover how the principles and strategies discussed are adaptable to various library settings, regardless of size or demographic, offering practical insights for implemention.
  • Interactive exercises and Q&A Session: Complete interactive activities to gain experience using co-design principles and engage in a live Q&A session where participants can pose questions to Comon representatives, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

This co-design digital drop-in webinar is an excellent opportunity for library professionals, administrators, and anyone interested in community-centered program development to gain inspiration and practical knowledge from Comon's innovative approach. Join us for an enriching session that will empower you to revolutionize your library's programs and services for the benefit of your community.

Presenter: Pauline De Wolf


Training Partner: The Library Collective

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The recording for this session will be made available in CALL Academy approximately one week after delivery.