Unpacking Conspiracy Theories: Ideas for Confronting the Hydra of the Information Age

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Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but the amplifying power of digital technology has turned the dial on conspiracy theories up to eleven. Librarians (and others) who hope to promote information literacy and foster critical thinking skills too often find their voices drowned out by the chatter of conspiracy theories.

Join Donald Barclay to examine the history, components, and appeal of conspiracy theories. Understanding how conspiracy theories work–and why their conclusions are spurious–is essential for teaching students and others to identify and avoid conspiracy theories as well as for reaching out to those caught in the trap of conspiracist ideation.

Topics covered in the webinar include:
* Actual conspiracies versus conspiracy theories
* Falsifiability and circular reasoning
* Conspiracy theories and digital technology
* Types of conspiracy theories
* Characteristics of conspiracy theories
* The appeal of conspiracy theories

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